Upcoming Speakers

August-October 2019: Dan Chappelle, Bulletproof your travel business

Topic: Bulletproof your travel business “Marketing” has become synonymous with “selling” in today’s industry lexicon. While similar, they are two very different disciplines. Too many advisors rely on marketing to do their selling and as a result, they incur tremendous costs and rarely...

February - April 2020: Erin Gargan, Digital Persuasion

Social media marketing, inbound web leads, digital sales funnels, email marketing; e-commerce has rapidly shifted the way the world transacts. As a travel advisor, you've honed your craft and spent countless hours perfecting your sales pitch. The question is, does your message translate over digital? Imagine if every time you typed, texted or tweeted, you knew exactly what to say to positively influence the person on the other side of your screen. In this series, Erin Gargan will reveal how...

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