Upcoming Speakers

May - July 2019: Charmaine Hammond, Dealing with Difficult People and Difficult Conversations

Do difficult people and difficult conversations stress you out? What about the calls from people who did not book with you but call you demanding your help? Or those who waste your time having you do all the research and planning then book online? And then there are those people you just can’t please; who complain about everything, make unrealistic demands and threaten to go elsewhere when they don't get what they want. Click to learn more about Charmaine!

August - October 2019: Erin Gargan, Digital Persuasion

Social media marketing, inbound web leads, digital sales funnels, email marketing; e-commerce has rapidly shifted the way the world transacts. As a travel advisor, you've honed your craft and spent countless hours perfecting your sales pitch. The question is, does your message translate over digital? Imagine if every time you typed, texted or tweeted, you knew exactly what to say to positively influence the person on the other side of your screen. In this series, Erin Gargan will reveal how...

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